centraQuest is an easy to use DMS & Archiving System that allows you to manage all business relevant documents and receipts.

Preset filing rules guarantee that your documents are always filed correctly and quickly found afterwards.

Filesystem Share

With centraQest's Filesystem Share technology you can keep managing your Documents from Windows Explorer (or MAC Finder).

centraQuest Portal

With centraQuest Portal you can post Documents straight from the DMS/Archive to your Intranet-/Extranet Portal. This allows you and your coworkers access to your most up to date documents anytime.

centraQuest ISO/QMS System

With centraQuest's ISO/QMS Quality management system you can ensure that your company's system, process and product quality is documented and improved. 

This allows for a durable and sustainable improvement of your overall company performance.

DMS as a Service

centraQuest DMS as a Service is a set of web services that allow you to extend your software or application with a Document Management System (DMS) and allows for archive functionality.