Filesystem Archivierung

You want to archive your data from any Fileshare in a way that allows you to find single documents again?
With the centraQuest Filesystem Archiving tech we adress potential customers that dont have the need for an extensive DMS system but still want their data archived properly within a reasonable price range.



You keep working with your Fileshares and edit documents as usual.


Your documents are indexed automatically with the integrated filing logic and displayed on one or more places within your archive structure.



Using our optionally available ERP connectors (e.g. for SAGE 50, Abacus, Blue Office and many more) you can dump all your adresses, projects or objects once from your software and file your receipts and documents accordingly.


Our DMS was concieved as a "Plug & Play" system and needs no installation on the customer side. As soon as the DMS is available it shows up as a network drive in your Explorer.



  • Plug and use 
  • No Project costs
  • Integrated intelligence
  • Universal conectivity to external softwares
  • Automated release of documents on your webportal
  • Monthly billing (Plannable costs)


  • No installation, instant use
  • No change in work habits within business
  • No double filing thanks to our data reciclyng from your software
  • Customer and/or associate portal is updated automatically