Your data management and archiving specialist.

You want to file your documents easily but still keep a neat and orderly archive?

Then you have come to the right place!


To stay competitive today companies have to be able to access information quick and easy. This way information can be analised and used efficiently to improve your business on a daily basis.

Many businesses fail to find the time and resources needed to develop a solution themselves and thats where we come in!

Why do you need a Document management or Archive system?



centraQuest is an easy to use document management and Archive system. We deliver it preconfigurated specific to your needs which allows for a quick and cost effective deployment.

Intranet/Extranet Portal

With centraQuest Portal you can release the documents of your choice straight from the DMS/Archive to the intranet/extranet portal. This way you and your associates always have the most important data on hand.

DMS Filesystem Share

With the DMS Filesystem Share you can manage your data with your File explorer as usual. An intelligent filing mechanism makes sure everything is always at the right place with the right permissions and metadata.

QMS/ISO Manual

With centraQuest's QMS quality management system you can make sure your system, process and product quality is documented and improved. This allows for a durable and sustainable improvement of your overall company performance.

Further Modules and Tech solutions

centraquest Filesystem Importer (XML Importer)

The centraQuest document import tool is a smart solution for automated data dumps of documents and metadata for archiving purposes.


To be eligible for automated import data must preexist in a structured form such as XML, CSV, XLS or neatly arranged on a Filesystem.

centraQuest DMS as a Service

centraQuest DMS as a Service is a set of web tools that allow for an easy extension into DMS and Archive functionalities.

Our solution

We extend your accounting department with a revision-proof archiving system

The standard module centraQuest ERP connects your accounting software (such as Sage 50, Abacus, Cashman, Bluef Office, etc...) to the centraQuest archive. With an easy barcode-system you can stick on your invoices the software will recognize the according accounting entry and save extra information like amount or tax onto your billing.

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