Why contact us?

 The effort needed for information management grows every year and calls for higher maintenance.


This is why we developed the intelligent and almost invisible centraQuest DMS/Archive that will enable you to get your data management up to speed.


Filing and finding documents and E-Mails is as easy as can be with centraQuest.



About us

centraQuest was concieved and developed by ComLog GmbH. Through our 15 years of experience with ECM software we developed a solution for the SME market.

The goal was to develop a 80/20% solution which is easy to use and only has the funtions needed for every customer. Following the iPhone principle we cut all unnecessary features.


Where to find us?

Company: ComLog GmbH

Adress: Grabentrasse 1, CH-8952 Schlieren, Schweiz
Phone: +41 44 586 06 91
E-Mail: info@comlog.ch