FAQ Frequantly asked questions

Why does my business need a Document Management/Archive system?

With the installation of a DMS/Archive you can subtantially improve your filing system and data management. Preset filing parameters avoid erroneus filing and documents are automatically stored according to your preferences.


By integrating external data from your ERP/CRM system you can add information (metadata) to help the filing process. Preset life cycles help your finished projects be archived to free space automatically. This allows for an efficeint management of all your data for any purpose.

Why get an Intranet/Extranet service?

An intranet (Internal business webpage) or extranet webpage (for customers/associates) serves primarily as means to display the right information relevant for the logged in individual. Each homepage should be concieved to allow for a quick oversight of all important data. Through an efficient permissions management you can define what every user can see.


DMS vs. Dropbox & Co.

Services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are cloud synchronising tools that store data on your harddisk and save it on the cloud. You need to keep your data on your device to be able to access it. In short, they are file synchronising tools.


Imagine a large amount of confidential data being uploaded to the cloud and made accessible to many devices. If you had to eliminate some of said documents you would have to wait for all the devices to synchronise again with the cloud and would have no guarantee that they do. What a nightmare!


Innovative authorisation system

Often "normal" authorisation models offered by Filesystems are lacking. Maybe you want to have permissions managed automatically without having to bother the IT department every time. Or you want your own permission model without loosing oversight?


Rule based permissions

Our rule based authorisation system allows for the easy design of complex authority models that would be impractical to set manually.