Why install a data management system?


With the introduction of a DMS/Archive you can subtantially improve your filing system and data management. Preset filing parameters avoid erroneus filing and documents are automatically stored according to your preferences.By integrating external data from your ERP/CRM system you can add information (metadata) to help the filing process. Preset life cycles help your finished projects be archived to free space automatically. This allows for an efficeint management of all your data for any purpose.




A DMS system is usually able to display multiple data folders. This way you can link your documents to financial accounting, customers and/or also to a project. The search for documents, E-Mails or receipts and invoices is made very easy through our user interface. The integrated full text search function allows you to check for matches on all and within documents simoultaneously. Various reporting functions allow for extensive data arrangement and analisys such as amount of contracts by type or newest 20 assignments, etc...



Data theft

How can businesses protect their data?

Documents accessible from the Filesystem/Explorer are very vulnerable to the simplest of breaches. A simple copy and paste can send all your know how and valuable intel to your competitors. Our DMS avoids this through extensive integrated security options.




A good DMS includes a well developed security system that allows for rule based permission handling within the Archive. This way a certain type of data can be set to be possible to be accessed by one individual anywhere in the Archive. A locking mechanism makes sure no file is edited by more than one person simoultaneously avoiding versioning issues. The doublette control mechanism makes sure only one issue of every file (if only one is meant to be) is stored to save space and make sure you are always using the right file. You can dump your E-Mail information to the DMS and recover your tray space. A version control system allows you to acces past versions of files.



Basic infrastructure for document centric software

The centralised and orderly filing of all business relevant documents and E-Mails is an optimal basis for many applications. Wether is is for contract management, Intel database, Intranet/Extranet, Projectportal, Personaldossier or QMS/ISO handbook, all these applications manage important items for your business. Why not centralize them in one safe and manageable place?


Legal compliance

Automated audit-proof archive system.