centraQuest DataConnect

Do you want your receipts to be archived automatically in a DMS/Archive? Do you want tu use data from an ERP system for filing purposes?


With the standard module centraQuest DataConnect you can link any database (or csv, excel, etc..) to your centraQuest Archive.


This way you can use your already recorded data from any ERP/CRM or similar software such as adresses, products or project data to automate the filing of your documents.


With a barcode-system labeled on your invoices the software will recognize the according accounting entry and save extra information like amount or tax onto your billing.


Subsequently the receipts are automatically linked into the archive structure and displayed correctly within your folders.




  • Receipts and invoices can be registered automatically through barcode scan
  • Compatibility with sage50, Abacus, CashMan, Blue Office, billingManager, etc...
  • Universal compatibility with any software
  • Automated metadata dump from your software
  • Automated filing structure generation


  • Automated aggregation of data from ERP, CRM, etc...
  • Easy and server sided execution of SQL statements to one or more Database systems
  • Can be used on a portal for data visualisation purposes
  • Functionality area can be easily expanded
  • Very easy configuration on a config file


  • Realtime display of exteranl data
  • Centralised data connectivity for the client and the portal
  • No double filing needed
  • Quick implementation