DMS & Archive for SMEs

DMS & Archive

centraQuest is an easy to use DMS & Archiving System that allows you to manage all business relevant documents and receipts.


Minimal Project costs

Since centraQuest is preset with standardized SMEs archiving logic you can start using it without additional project costs. 

Costs are generated by the installation and customer specific adjustments to the standard version.


Search & Find

With the QuickSearch function you can find documents, receipts or E-mails in seconds. You can type in your search terms "Google Style".

With the advanced search function you can find documents with precision. The integrated full text search functionality allows you to find terms written inside all Documents aswell.

Easy filing with Drag & Drop

Move your documents and E-mails with Drag & Drop onto the centraQuest MicroClient and fill out the missing preset filing options.


Automated filing structure

Based on the previously set information your documents are automatically linked into one or more of the following folders:


  •     File by Registry
  •     File by Company
  •     File by Project
  •     File by Object (e.g. Location, Article, etc...)


Innovative permissions system

Our rule based authorisation system allows for the easy design of complex authority models that would be impractical to set manually.

For more information about authorization click "here".



With the integrated document version system you never loose changes and keep the oversight on the development of all documents.


Template management

With the integrated template management system you can save your Word templates onto the DMS and automatically fill the documents that use them with the data from your adress or project application.

Best for last - Your documents will always be saved in the right folder within your Archive automatically.


Integrated Portal

With DMS/Archive you also get the centraQuest Portal Soluion for free. An innovative tech that allows you to automatically provide documents and information to your customers and associates on demand.


Export to Excel

With the push of a button you export all your information such as adress, project or document lists to Excel.



centraQuest is an easy to use DMS & Archiving System that allows you to manage all business relevant documents and receipts.


Preset filing rules guarantee that your documents are always filed correctly and quickly found afterwards.


You can load data from your text processor, databases or E-mail and easily manage and distribute them trough different channels such as web, mail or printer.



  • Easy filing
  • Search & Find
  • Document version
  • Low costs
  • No paper flood
  • Upgradability
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • Legal compliance


  • Use explorer/finder as usual
  • Google like Search
  • Version control
  • Preset standard solution
  • Digital archive
  • Modular upgrade system
  • None (Plug & Play)
  • Multiple interface compatibility (Sage, Abacus, Select Line)
  • Audit-proof archiving


centraQuest DMS/Archiv Flyer
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