Portal for SMEs

Many webportals are very complicated to operate. Documents must be managed on both the DMS (or File system) and the Webportal.


With centraQuest Portal we adress this exact issue.


The portal doesn't include too many unnecessary features and is mainly used to display your information, documents, receipts or E-Mails comfortably on a web platform.

The centraQuest portal is concieved in a way that allows for a quick and intuitive display of all important information on the homepage. With the permission management you control department or role based content or references.


Create and edit documents

You create and edit your documents with centraQuest DMS/Archive. Preset filing rules guarantee that your documents are always archived at the correct location and displayed on the portal with the right permissions.

It is also possible to upload information straight through the portal.


Editing lists

You can create and edit lists on centraQuest portal.



Published data can be displayed on any webbrowser and be uploaded from anywhere with the right permissions. Data is stored safely in the underlying centraQuest DMS/Archive and only shown to users with the adecuate permissions.



Our innovative authorization system allows you to manage complex permission models with little effort.


External data link
Using DataConnector you can display information for your customers or associates from any source such as your own ERP or CRM software in a safe, clear and permission based manner on your portal.


Ready-made lists

Our solution includes many preset lists which can easily be adapted for your own needs quickly.


Low project expenditure

The ready-made lists, high flexibility and numerous data import possibilities keep the workload to a minimum.


  • Page design adapts to your terminal
  • Automated document release
  • Easy authorization system for pages, boxes and content
  • Easy connection and display of external data
  • Very low project expenditure
  • Can be run locally or on the cloud
  • Permissions are extracted from the Archive

  • Media independent, desktop, web and mobile use.
  • Custom display settings, "See what you need"
  • Graphically display data (sales, projects, etc..)
  • Cost effective integrations and automations
  • Low costs, low effort
  • Adapts to any previously existing system
  • Out of the box portal - quick deployment, easy to use

Flyer centraQuest Portal
Many internet web portals are hard to manage.
Documents must be managed both on the DMS and the portal.
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