Trust companies/Legal practices

To stay competitive in today's climate businesses need to be able to access all their data and share it efficiently with the right people.


Many businesses don't have the time or the resources to develop a solution.

Our Solution

We adress these exact issues. centraQuest is an easy to use document management system that allows you to manage your data. Preset filing rules guarantee that your documents are filed properly and quickly found.


Filing and access to documents and receipts

The filing process is a simple drag & drop feature. By adding some additional information your documents are always stored correctly and linked to your web portal. The document title is automatically generated and the permissions set according to its client or document type.



ERP Integration

centraQuest links various applications such as MS Office, E-Mail and more with your existing software (Abacus, sage50, etc...). This allows you to file your data as you are used to and use the infomartion in your DMS for filing and finding purposes.



Compatibility with external software

The centraQuest Archive can be provided with information from databases, text editors or E-Mails and allows you to manage them easitly and distribute them through different channels such as web, mail or printer.


Web Portal

With the integrated webportal you offer your associates and clients access to all relevant documents and information.

centraQuest System

centraQuest is an easy to use DMS & Archiving System that allows you to manage all business relevant documents and receipts.


Preset filing rules guarantee that your documents are always filed correctly and quickly found afterwards.


You can load data from your text processor, databases or E-mail and easily manage and distribute them trough different channels such as web, mail or printer.



  • Search & Find
  • Document version
  • Low costs
  • No paper flood
  • Upgradability
  • Data theft
  • Integration
  • Legal compliance

Our solution

  • Google like Search
  • Version control
  • Preset standard solution
  • Digital archive
  • Modular upgrade system
  • Integrated data security concept
  • Multiple interface compatibility
  • Audit-proof archiving

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