Rule based permission system

Often "normal" authorisation models offered by Filesystems are lacking. Maybe you want to have permissions managed automatically without having to bother the IT department every time. Or you want your own permission model without loosing oversight?


Rule based permissions

Our rule based authorisation system allows for the easy design of complex authority models that would be impractical to set manually.


Two easy examples from experience

  1. You want to give your employees, customers or associates easy access to documents or folders that you manage from your software (Abacus, sage50, etc...) by simply changing a few parameters?
  2. How about a permission system that allows you to allocate permissions much more specifically and related to any aspect of the file you want. This way you can block certain documents for anyone but you and your management team until they are released.

One more advantage.

If you were to need to make changes in your permission model you can easily do this by adjusting the according parameters. The changes are applied without having to edit every file sepparately.


If you still have questions about our permission system call us or contact us here