Filesystem Share

The easy and intuitive filing of documents and E-Mails into a DMS or archive system is undoubtedly one of the most important aspects of a tech solution. This is where many promises are made that can't be kept.
This is the reason why we developed a filesystem integration tool that renders the DMS "invisible" to the user and allows people to manage their documents and apps from the File-Explorer as they are used to.


File your documents using a predefined filing structure which has been optimised to allow for minimal effort and clicks.


Your documents are indexed automatically with the integrated filing logic and displayed on one or more places within your archive structure.


You can search all data from the DMS using Windows Explorer. Type in your search terms and your matches will instantly be diplayed within Explorer.


Preview window

Documents saved onto the DMS will be displayed on the Windows Explorer Preview window as usual.



Using our optionally available ERP connectors (e.g. for SAGE 50, Abacus, Blue Office and many more) you can dump all your adresses, projects or objects once from your software and file your receipts and documents accordingly.



Our DMS was concieved as a "Plug & Play" system and needs no installation on the customer side. As soon as the DMS is available it shows up as a network drive in your Explorer.


  • Plug and use
  • Completely integrated into the filesystem
  • Integrated intelligence
  • Universal compatibility with external Software
  • Automated publishing on Webbportal
  • Rule based restructuring of file arrangement.
  • Cloud or presential Installation
  • Flexible billing possible


  • No installation, instant use
  • Works as usual for filing and display
  • Error optimization while filing
  • Data transferability
  • No extra actions needed
  • Easy optimisation of archive possible.
  • No IT department needed
  • Plan costs comfortably

flyer centraQuest DMS Filesystem Share
centraQuest Filesystem Share is a Filesystem-integration which renders the DMS "invisible".
This way you can keep working as you are used to with your documents and applications within the File Explorer.
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